CUFP 2016

Commercial Users of Functional Programming

September 22nd-24th — Nara, Japan

Functional Programming has been at the forefront of a new generation of programming technologies, and companies have been successfully utilizing functional programming to enable more flexible, robust, and effective software development.

The annual CUFP workshop is designed to serve the growing community of commercial users of functional programming. Practitioners meet and collaborate, language designers and users share ideas about the future of their languages, and experts share their expertise on practical functional programming.

CUFP is co-located with ICFP and consists of two components: Tutorials and Talks.


Thursday-Friday, September 22nd-23rd

CUFP tutorials are in-depth, hands-on sessions for learning functional programming languages, libraries and toolkits directly from the experts and leaders in their fields. We have a broad variety of tutorials, including OCaml, Scripting Haskell, LiquidHaskell, PureScript, Coq, F* for programming effectful programs, and Clojure.


Saturday, September 24th

Talks are by expert practitioners and will be split between experience reports, describing ways in which functional programming has been used, either successfully or unsuccessfully, in the real world; and technical talks, which will detail techniques and approaches for applying functional programming in practical settings.