CUFP 2016 Call for Tutorials

NOTICE: The submission deadline has been extended until July 1st, 2016.

The Commercial Users of Functional Programming (CUFP) is an annual meeting co-located with the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) which this year will take place in Nara, Japan from the 22nd to 24th of September 2016.

CUFP aims to bridge the gap between academia and users applying functional programming in practice. CUFP provides high-quality practical tutorials covering state-of-the-art techniques and tools for functional programming. There will be a mix of tutorials on introduction and advanced level, such that anyone that wants to learn something new has an opportunity to do so.

We are seeking proposals for half-day tutorials to be presented during the first two days of the meeting, 22nd and 24th of September. Submission deadline is July 1st, but the earlier you submit, the better!

Please read these guidelines before submitting:

  • You should have significant speaking experience, preferably with long form workshops similar to the one you're proposing.
  • You should be an expert user or advocate for this technology (creator, implementor, standards committee expert, author, known speaker, etc).
  • Your title should be simple and direct and clearly mention the primary technology you wish to cover.
  • Your title or abstract should clearly indicate whether the workshop is an intro level, intermediate, or advanced topic.

Among the suggested topics for tutorials are:

  • Introductions to functional programming languages. In the past we have had introductions to Clojure, Erlang, F#, F*, Haskell, ML, OCaml, Scala, Scheme and others.
  • Advanced programming languages, concepts and applications (e.g. Lens, Liquid-Haskell, Agda, Idris, etc.)
  • Applying functional programming in particular areas, including Web, high-performance computing, finance.
  • Tools and techniques supporting state of the art functional programming. In the past we have had tutorials on QuickCheck, Elm and others.
  • Theory. Type theory, category theory, abstract algebra, ongoing or new research, and anything useful or interesting to functional programmers.

Tutorial proposals should address the following points:

  • Title
  • Abstract (about 200 words)
  • Tutorial Objectives: by the end of this tutorial you will be able to …
  • Speaker Bio: Joe Bloggs is ...
  • Infrastructure required: For example, will participants need access to a particular system? Do they need to download anything prior to the tutorial? Can they be expected to have this on a laptop, or does it need to be provided by the meeting?
  • Other minor information which will help us market your tutorial.

Tutorials should be submitted using the following talk submission form. Deadline for submission is June 26, 2016. Notification of acceptance is two weeks later.

Tutorial Agreement

While CUFP does not pay tutors, they will be compensated with admission credits to CUFP and ICFP, as outlined below.

  • If a tutorial has 5 or more registrants, the tutor will receive free admission to CUFP, including the two days of tutorials and the day of the CUFP workshop.
  • If a tutorial has 10 or more registrants, the tutorialist will additionally receive a $250 voucher that can be used to register for any of the other ICFP events, including ICFP itself.

Note that we reserve the right to cancel tutorials with fewer than 5 registrants, but we will try hard to avoid having to do so. No compensation will be awarded for cancelled tutorials.

Register here to submit a CUFP tutorial proposal.

If you have any questions, email to

  • Roman Gonzalez: roman at unbounce dot com
  • Takayuki Muranushi: muranushi at gmail dot com

You can follow CUFP over twitter to get semi-regular updates @cufpconference