Steering Committee

The steering committee is responsible for setting the long-term direction of CUFP, both for the annual meeting and for any other activities deemed to forward the goals of CUFP.

2014 Program Committee Co-Chairs

2014 Steering Committee Membership

  • Bodil Stokke
  • Michael Sperber
  • Yaron Minsky (Steering Committee Chair: Retiring 2014)
  • Anil Madhavapeddy (Prior Program Committee Co-Chair: Retiring 2013)
  • Adam Granicz (Member At Large: Retiring 2014)
  • Erik Stenman (Member At Large: Retiring 2015)

Past Steering Committee Members

  • Kathleen Fisher
  • Simon Peyton Jones
  • Andy Adams-Moran
  • Jim Grundy
  • Francesco Cesarini (Prior Program Committee Co-Chair: Retiring 2013)
  • John Launchbury (Member At Large: Retiring 2013)