Functional programming languages have been a hot topic of academic research for over 35 years, and are rapidly being adopted in diverse real-world settings ranging from from tech start-ups to financial and biomedical firms. At the same time, a vigorous community of practically-minded functional programmers has come into existence.

CUFP is designed to serve this community.

The CUFP workshop is a place where people can see how others are using functional programming to solve real world problems; where practitioners meet and collaborate; where language designers and users can share ideas about the future of their favourite language; and where one can learn practical techniques and approaches for putting functional programming to work.

Program Plans

CUFP 2013 will be colocated with ICFP 2013 in Boston, USA. The workshop will last for three days, and will consist of CUFP Talks and CUFP Tutorials.

CUFP Talks will consist of a series of talks given by practitioners in the field. The talks will be split between shorter experience reports, describing ways in which functional programming has been used, either successfully or unsuccessfully, in the real world; and longer technical talks, which will detail techniques and approaches for applying functional programming in practical settings.

CUFP Tutorials will be made up of in-depth, hands-on sessions for learning particular technologies and techniques in functional programming. These will range from language introductions for beginners to more advanced and focused sessions on particular language features, techniques or tool kits.

There will be no published proceedings, as the meeting is intended to be more a discussion forum than a technical interchange. All of the videos of previous talks are available in our videos section on this site.