CUFP 2012 Tutorials

This year CUFP is putting on a series of longer tutorials to introduce functional programming languages in depth, in particular F#, Scala and Haskell. In addition there are advanced tutorials on special topics. Details below.

The CUFP tutorials run September 13th-14th, in Copenhagen, Denmark. The CUFP tutorials are associated with the main CUFP conference the following day.

Introductory Tutorials on Scala, F#, Haskell

These tutorials are intended for people mostly new to functional programming, and will give in-depth training on the language. They are each presented by renowned top-notch experts on the language.

These introductory tutorials all go for a full day, and in the case of Haskell, for two days.

Introductory Haskell / Concurrent Haskell

This two-day tutorial is designed to introduce you to Haskell without assuming that you know anything about the language in advance, and will introduce you to the underlying ideas and concepts of Haskell as well as giving you hands-on experience of programming in Haskell. Day 2 will cover further practical aspects of day-to-day programming in Haskell, with a particular focus on concurrency.

It is taught by Jeremy Gibbons (University of Oxford) and Simon Marlow (Microsoft Research).

From functional concepts to real-world F#.

This practical tutorial will teach you how to turn to the functional side. It will slowly introduce functional concepts by looking how the same concepts would look in an object-oriented style. You'll understand how functional programming works under the cover and you'll get some hands-on experience of using F# to solve some practical problems. The examples will include concurrent programming and data analysis tasks.

It is presented by Tomas Petricek (University of Cambridge)

Scala Primer

This tutorial will introduce you to Scala. It is intended to enable experienced developers to confidently start programming in Scala. No previous knowledge of Scala is assumed. Although intense, the course ensures you will have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of the language and the tooling.

It is presented by Heiko Seeberger (Typesafe).

Advanced Tutorials

There will also be in-depth technical tutorials for attendees already familiar with a functional language: