CUFP 2012 Registration

You can register on the ICFP registration page, which has both online and offline options. CUFP consists of three separate days, each of which can be registered for individually. The prices for individual days range from $100 to $250, depending on various discounts that are detailed on the page. For the first time, CUFP also features introductory tutorials for which special registration options apply; for those, see below. For regular registration, do this:

Introductory Tutorials on Scala, F#, Haskell

We'll have three introductory tutorials on:

by renowned experts on those languages. These tutorials are intended for participants mostly new to functional programming, and will give in-depth training on those languages.

These introductory tutorials all go for a full day, and in the case of Haskell, for two days. These tutorials require separate, specific registration for regular attendees, so be sure to select the appropriate box when you register. You will not need a day pass if you register for one of these full-day tutorials.

(Registration for introductory tutorials includes day passes for the days of the tutorials: Note, however, that you will miss part of the tutorial if you choose to attend any other events.)

If you are a student and would like to attend an introductory tutorial, you can check during the conference registration whether slots are available, and if so, you can get in on a regular day pass.

Regular Tutorials

There will also be in-depth technical tutorials for attendees already familiar with a functional language:

They have designations T1 through T4 on the CUFP schedule. If you want to attend any of those, just purchase a regular day pass for the day of the tutorial.