T3: Haskell for the lazy web developer: an Introduction to Happstack

  • Jeremy Shaw SeeReason LLC
September 14, 2012 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


In this hands-on workshop, participants will develop a simple web application from start to finish using the Happstack Haskell Web Framework.


Participants will leave this workshop confident that using Haskell for web development is not merely possible, but a really good idea. We will explore, in a hands-on and practical manner, how features of Haskell such as the type-system, purity, and first class functions make it easier to build fast, safe, and scalable web applications.


It is expected that participants will have a basic grasp of Haskell. Understanding the material covered in Learn You a Haskell or Real World Haskell should be more than sufficient. Individuals with out Haskell experience may still find the introductory presentation informative and inspiring.


Please bring a laptop to the tutorial. Ideally, you should install the required software on your laptop before the tutorial. If that fails, we'll have a machine on-site for you to connect to. In that case, make sure to have an RDP client (a client for Microsoft's Remote Desktop protocol) installed on your laptop, so you can connect to our on-site machine.

If you have problems or questions, please contact Mike Sperber (sperber(at)deinprogramm(dot)de).

Installing the prerequisite software

cabal update
cabal install happstack-foundation

For more detailed instructions and assistance please visit the Happstack website.

Jeremy Shaw

Jeremy Shaw

Jeremy Shaw has been using Haskell in a professional capacity since

  1. He has been making his living as a Haskell web developer since 2008 and is a partner at SeeReason, LLC. He currently resides in Chicago, IL, USA.