CUFP 2008 Program

9:00 Invited talk: Why Microsoft is Investing in Functional Programming.
Don Syme, Microsoft
Abstract, Slides (PowerPoint) (PDF).
9:55 Controlling Hybrid Vehicles with Haskell.
Tom Hawkins, Eaton Corporation
Abstract, Slides (PowerPoint) (PDF), Video.
10:20 Functions to Junctions: Ultra Low Power Chip Design With Some Help From Haskell.
Gregory Wright, Antiope
Abstract, Slides, Video.
10:45 BREAK
11:15 Minimizing the “Immune Response” to Functional Programming.
David Balaban, Amgen
Abstract, Slides.
11:40 Quantitative Finance in F#.
Howard Mansell, Credit Suisse
12:05 Is Haskell Ready for Everyday Computing?
Jeff Polakow, Deutsche Bank
Abstract, Slides, Video.
12:30 LUNCH
2:00 Xen and the art of OCaml.
Anil Madhavapeddy, Citrix
Abstract, Slides.
2:25 From OCaml to Javascript at Skydeck.
Jake Donham, Skydeck
Abstract, Slides, Video.
2:50 The Mobile Messaging Gateway, from Idea to Prototype to Launch in 12 Months.
Francesco Cesarini, Erlang Training and Consulting
3:15 BREAK
3:45 Buy a Feature: An Adventure in Immutability and Actors.
David Pollak, Lift Web Framework
Abstract, Slides, Video.
4:10 Developing Erlang at Yahoo.
Nick Gerakines, Yahoo
Abstract, Slides.
4:35 Ad Serving with Erlang.
Bob Ippolito, Mochimedia
Abstract, Slides, Video.
5:00 Discussion. Chaired by Andrew Adams-Moran, Galois.

5 January 2009