Sep 09, 2017: 10:55 - 11:20am

Distributed load testing with MZBench

Renat Idrisov


MZBench is open-source benchmarking tool written in Erlang. It allocates nodes directly in EC2 and setups Erlang cluster. System has web-frontend for charts and other useful information during the benchmarking. It is used for 100-node clusters and millions messages per second rates.

In this talk I want to show how functional programming helped us to build this system. The absence of implicit state makes possible to distribute working processes across a cluster. Like in other functional languages it is easy to create a DSL inside Erlang, so you could have a subsystem with a different semantics and different meaning.

I would also show how Erlang helps with immediate environment updates and harms with full-mesh network topology.

Renat Idrisov

Renat Idrisov

I use Erlang for the last three years and have fun creating interpreters and distributed applications with it. I am involved in three open-source Erlang-related projects: MZBench (distributed benchmarking with Erlang), python_etf (pure Python parser for Erlang terms), and muterl (mutation testing tool for Erlang).