Netflix: End to end Reactive Programming

  • Jafar Husain
September 22, 2013 11:45 AM - 12:10 PM


What is the difference between a database query and drag-and-drop event? The answer: nothing. They're both queries, and can be coded using the exact same programming model. A newly discovered type has given us new insight into the dual relationship between synchronous and asynchronous programming. You'll be surprised to learn that the sequence operations you already know (map, filter, reduce, merge, zip, etc.) can to be used to build everything from GUIs to high performance, non-blocking servers. Come see how Netflix uses functional composition over this amazing new type to build reactive multi-tier systems. You may never approach reactive programming the same way again.

Jafar Husain

has been working as a software developer for 15 years. He's developed software for companies like GE, Microsoft, and Netflix. Most recently he designed a data access framework that powers Netflix's PS3 and Windows 8 clients. His interests include programming languages, functional reactive programming, and user interface design patterns.