Building a commercial development platform Haskell, an experience report

  • Gregg Lebovitz FP Complete
September 22, 2013 3:05 - 3:25 PM


FP Complete has recently released FP Haskell Center, a web based Haskell development and deployment environment written entirely in Haskell and JavaScript. Much of the JavaScript is written in Fay, a Haskell DSL for generating type safe JavaScript code. Many companies are realizing the benefits of developing innovative web based applications using Haskell. Attendees will come away from this presentation with an understanding of the issues developers face when building and deploying large scale Haskell web based applications, and how they might address them. This means building reliable services, but also making the development and deployment experience intuitive and productive. Unlike other tutorials which talk about the benefits of building Haskell applications at a high level, this presentation gets into the nitty gritty details of the development process using Haskell. It discusses the challenges faced by FP Complete as we constructed a complete and easy to use online development and deployment service based on Haskell, Yesod, and cloud services such as AWS. Many of these challenges were technical in nature and included developing Haskell interfaces to both standard front end and back end applications. Others were non technical, focusing on resolving library licensing issues, minimizing operational costs, and managing cloud services.

Gregg Lebovitz

is Director of Product Management at FP Complete and has been working with Haskell for over a year. Working in the computer industry since 1979, Gregg's specialties include development platforms, parallel and distributed software, advanced developer training, and management of innovations into full production. Most recently Gregg launched and grew the Mobile Application business at Integrated Computer Solutions, growing ICS to a Premier Partner and releasing several highly-rated applications with Microsoft Deep Partner Solutions. An expert on the Qt platform, Gregg worked with Nokia on development projects and produced training videos for ICSNetwork. Also an expert on Windows Phone development, he provided training as part of Microsoft's Developer Outreach program and produced videos for Microsoft's Channel 9.