Erlang at

  • Bhasker Kode
September 04, 2009 11:00 - 11:30 AM


I'm Co-Founder & CTO at '', the in-text content & ad delivery platform that let's blogs and website publishers to push client-side events to the cloud. The start-up predominantly runs off the LYME stack ( Linux / Yaws / Mnesia / Erlang ) .

From our experiences at '' I'd like to discuss why we chose using Erlang and got about using it as our bridge across our multi-node cluster. In particular the architectural decisions that went into making our distributed python crawler back-end running off Mnesia with its sharing & fragmentation strategies for tables that span several millions of rows, load-balancing to our 3-node Yaws web servers, tweaks to solve file descriptor & efficiency bottlenecks, experiments in DHT's, our cache worker implementations, our messaging queues, cron's & trade offs in dispatching jobs also throw light on design choices that can fit in distributed and heterogeneous environments. We have also recently built our own in-memory cache workers, persistent stats & logging system, and in the process of now building our own A/B testing framework, that we'd love to talk about.

After an initial quite 1 1/2 years of Erlang in production, we've just launched our developer blog which might give a closer insight of our work: