CUFP 2007 Program

9:00 Invited talk: Industrial uses of Caml: Examples and lessons learned from the smart card industry.
Xavier Leroy, INRIA. Abstract. Slides (pdf). Video Part 1, Part 2
9:55 The Way it Ought to Work... and Sometimes Does. Ulf Wiger, Ericsson. Abstract.
10:20 The default case in Haskell:
Counterparty credit risk calculation at ABN AMRO
Cyril Schmidt and Anne-Elisabeth Tran Qui, ABN AMRO. Abstract. Slides (ppt). Video
10:45 B R E A K
11:15 Nested Data Parallel Programming at Intel.
Anwar Ghuloum, Intel. Abstract. Slides (pdf). Video
11:40 Terrorism Response Training in Scheme.
Eric Kidd, Interactive Media Lab, Dartmouth Medical School. Abstract.
12:05 Learning with F#.
Phil Trelford, Microsoft Research, Applied Games Group. Abstract. Slides (ppt), (pptx). Video
12:30 L U N C H
2:00 Productivity Gains with Erlang.
Jan Henry Nyström, Erlang Training and Consulting Ltd. Abstract. Slides (ppt). Video
2:25 An OCaml-based Network Services Platform.
Chris Waterson, Liveops. Abstract. Slides (ppt). Video
2:50 Using Functional Techniques to Program a Network Processor.
Lal George. Abstract. Video
3:15 B R E A K
3:45 Impediments to Wide-Spread Adoption of Functional Languages.
Noel Welsh, Untyped. Abstract. Slides (PLT Slideshow), (pdf) Video.
4:10 Functional Programming in Communications Security.
Ville Laurikari, SSH Communications Security. Abstract.
4:35 Cross-Domain DAV Server.
John Launchbury, Galois. Abstract. Slides (pdf). Video.
5:00 Discussion. Chaired by Don Syme.

October 4th 2007