T10: PureScript Front-end Developement

  • Brian McKenna Atlassian
September 04, 2015 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


PureScript is a small, typed, functional programming language which compiles to JavaScript. Some of the goals are to require no runtime by compiling to minimal JavaScript and to provide a simple Foreign Function Interface to interact with existing JavaScript. PureScript has seen some commercial adoption and has many libraries available for writing functional web front-ends.

This tutorial will cover writing an interactive web application using PureScript.

Tutorial objectives

Target audience

People with some experience in typed functional programming interested in applying their skills to front-end development. Possibly useful to people interested in finding out how to express front-ends as pure functions.

Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna

Brian McKenna has worked with web development for 7 years and has commercial experience with PureScript in creating an open-source front-end to SlamData. Brian has contributed to the PureScript compiler and many PureScript libraries.