T1: Introduction to OCaml

  • Mindy Preston University of Cambridge
September 03, 2015 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


OCaml is a general purpose industrial-strength functional programming language with an emphasis on expressiveness and safety. In this tutorial, we will first introduce the basics of OCaml using an interactive environment running in a web browser, before moving on to building an interactive game.

Tutorial objectives

This tutorial aims to give an introduction to the OCaml language. Attendees should leave feeling comfortable writing simple OCaml programs and using core OCaml tools.

Target audience

This tutorial is aimed at people with programming experience. Previous experience with a functional language will be useful but is not required. No prior knowledge of OCaml is assumed.

Bring laptop with OCaml installed.

Mindy Preston

Mindy Preston

Mindy Preston is a research assistant at OCaml Labs in the University of Cambridge, where she works on the MirageOS project, plays board games, rides bicycles, and has opinions about writing software. She has her own blog.