Haskell in production, a survey

  • Christian Marie Anchor Systems
September 05, 2015 10:55 - 11:20 AM


Haskell as a general-purpose language is seeing an upward trend of commercial use in Sydney. Many commercial Haskell users are running into the same problems (build systems, packaging, deployment, monitoring, etcetera). Others who have good reason to use Haskell remain unable to address perceived risks, rendering their pleas to use a better language "too scary".

The presenter has spent the past year bootstrapping a development process, used by a small team of Haskell developers to build tools and products for a cloud hosting company. This presentation will consider what has worked, what hasn't, and what other teams from Sydney and abroad have been trying.

We will cover workarounds and solutions for various shortcomings of Haskell's tooling and infrastructure. After grumbling about Cabal and Docker, we will touch on some of the areas that Haskell has worked wonderfully, with the intention of providing some ammunition for your next "let's use Haskell" pitch.

Christian Marie

Christian Marie

Christian Marie is a veteran linux sysadmin turned software development manager and developer from Sydney. In his latest role he's helped build a plethora of products and tools in Haskell, from time series data stores to OAuth2 implementations.