Don’t miss two days packed with cutting edge CUFP tutorials for beginners and advanced users of functional programming September 4th - 5th in Gothenburg, Sweden. Tutorials will be made up of in-depth, hands-on sessions for learning particular technologies and techniques. These will range from language introductions for beginners to more advanced and focused sessions on particular language features, techniques or toolkits. Tutorials are given by recognized experts in their fields, knowledgeable about the subject and passionate about functional programming. They will cover programming languages such as Erlang, Rust, Haskell, OCaml, F#, Scala, Elm and Idris. Or did you wonder about Agda or Lens? Or what about front-end applications with Elm-d3 of WebSharper? Or property based testing with the inventor of QuickCheck.

The Early Bird registration ends August 3rd, register by then to save up to $55. The cost to attend is

Before August 3rd:

After August 3rd, the cost goes up to:

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