T9: Tinkering with the Raspberry Pi using Erlang [canceled]

  • Torben Hoffmann Erlang Solutions Ltd
September 05, 2014 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


While not a new concept, Embedded Linux is becoming more and more popular with the barriers for entry being lowered by projects such as the Raspberry Pi.

In this hands on tutorial we will design an Erlang powered embedded sensor node, running on the Raspberry Pi. We will take you through the steps required to build and deploy the Linux image, deal with hardware interfacing and backend connectivity."

Tutorial objectives

This tutorial will provide an overview of:

Target audience

Engineers and programmers interested in designing the next generation of embedded systems.

People need to bring their own laptop.

Instructions on what to prepare before coming will be provided.

Torben Hoffmann

Torben Hoffmann

Torben has been working with Erlang in Motorola and Issuu as technical architect and developer since 2006. He has talked about his Motorola achievements at Erlang eXchange 2008 and EUC 2010. Before becoming an Erlanger he worked with software quality assurance, process improvement and people management.

The first demo of Erlang to Motorola management was done on a little Gumstix board anno 2006.