T7: Introduction to OCaml

  • Leo White University of Cambridge
  • Jeremy Yallop University of Cambridge
September 05, 2014 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


OCaml is a statically typed functional language with a fast native code compiler and incremental garbage collector. In this tutorial, we will first introduce the basics of OCaml using an interactive environment running in a web browser, as well as a local install of OCaml using the OPAM package manager. We will also explore how to compile OCaml to JavaScript using the js_of_ocaml tool.

Tutorial objectives

This tutorial aims to give an introduction to the OCaml language. Attendees should leave feeling comfortable writing simple OCaml programs and using core OCaml tools.

Target audience

This tutorial is aimed at people with programming experience. Previous experience with a functional language will be useful but is not required. No prior knowledge of OCaml is assumed.

Leo White

Leo White

Leo White is a Research Associate in the OCaml Labs group at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of two chapters in the Real World OCaml book, and of various contributions to the OCaml compiler including the recent addition of "extensible variants" to the language.

Jeremy Yallop

Jeremy Yallop

Jeremy Yallop is a researcher in the OCaml Labs group at the University of Cambridge and the author of a number of well-known OCaml libraries, including deriving and ctypes.