Realtime MapReduce at Twitter

  • Sam Ritchie Twitter Inc.
September 22, 2013 2:15 - 2:40 PM


Twitter's Summingbird library allows developers and data scientists to build massive streaming MapReduce pipelines without worrying about the usual mess of systems issues that come with scale. This talk will discuss our experience applying functional programming ideas and techniques to the development of the Summingbird library, the power of clean, mathematical abstractions and the massive creative leverage that functional design constraints can give to a project. The talk will also discuss the various Scala libraries that were created to support Summingbird (most prominently, Algebird, Bijection, Chill and Storehaus) and some of the applications for these technologies currently being used at Twitter.

Sam Ritchie

is a developer on Twitter's revenue team and the author of a number of successful open source Scala and Clojure projects including Algebird, Storehaus, Bijection.