PalletOps: Functional Infrastructures

  • Antoni Batchelli
September 22, 2013 1:55 - 2:15 PM


We live a privileged life for most of our days: quick REPL prototyping, immutable data structures, abstractions, declarative statements, multi-methods, you name it, it's all fun! This fun stops when we have to deploy our beautifully crafted functional applications inside a larger infrastructure. Then it's all pain: setting up servers, installing the right versions of software, updating configuration files... Ugh! No more quick REPL prototyping, abstractions, code reuse, declarative statements, immutability; all gone! It gets worse though. We now use platforms like Hadoop, HBase or Cassandra that require complex cross-node configurations. We have multiple developers wanting to test on different versions of the software and infrastructure. There are also many environments to deploy on: Integration, QA, Stage, Production, and There are different OS distros and versions to support, each with their own quirks and bugs. Oh!, and different hardware options too: cloud, virtualized, or even bare metal. You get the gist: a combinatorial explosion of complexity. We built Pallet ( ) as an open source functional infrastructure automation platform using Clojure. This platform is used in production by many well known companies already, usually as a response to the limited capabilities and flexibility of mainstream script&template based automation platforms. This talk is about how we use functional programming principles to manage infrastructure and the big ball of state this infrastructure has.

Antoni Batchelli

started programming computers for fun when he was eight years old with a ZX Spectrum and has not stopped since then. Over the years, Toni has worked in consulting, startups, academia and corporations. He has gone back and forth between coding, architecting and managing, having fun in each role, while always working on large software installations. In 2009, Toni started Disclojure ( ), a website devoted to news about Clojure. in 2009, Toni met Hugo Duncan, with whom he has since them been working full time on Pallet ( ) , an Open Source, Clojure-based DevOps platform; and VMFest, a Virtual Machine automation library.