Clojure iPad analytics dashboard in energy sector

  • Kevin Lynagh Keming Labs
September 15, 2012 4:25 - 4:55 PM


ClojureScript, a Clojure to JavaScript complier, brings rich, functional semantics to browsers and mobile platforms, providing a versatile foundation for graphical, interactive applications. In this talk, I will discuss using state machines with data-driven DOM-manipulation to build visual applications on the web and iPad. In particular, I will cover how to handle the necessary mutable state of an interactive application within a immutable, functional environment. Concrete examples will be drawn from data visualization applications in the energy and biotech fields.

More information about the Clojure(Script) data visualization library:

Kevin Lynagh

Kevin visualizes data and makes statistical interfaces on the web. Before Clojure, he wrote machine learning and analytics tools in R and Scala. In 2010 he wrote a thesis on protein structure, for which Reed College inexplicably awarded him a physics degree. Kevin lives in Portland, Oregon, and spends as much time rock climbing as he does in the REPL. You can find more about him in his github repository.