BoFs 2012

CUFP 2012 will again include Birds of a Feather sessions as in previous years. BoFs provide a place for our community to gather informally and reach consensus on matters of importance. Any CUFP attendee can propose a BoF session, and grab one of the spare rooms in the evening slots below. Attendance in the evening is open to all.

BoF sessions facilitate ad-hoc discussions and provide a place to gather and start off the chat, before moving on during the evening to a local restaurant or pub. There is no deadline for proposing a session, but we encourage you to do so at the earliest possible time to help us with planning and to publicize your proposed discussion. Attendees are also free to show up even if you have not confirmed, but again earlier confirmation will help us with planning.

Please email Ashish Agarwal at (agarwal1975) (at) gmail dot com with the following information:

If you just wish to attend a session, please also email Ashish Agarwalat (agarwal1975) (at) gmail dot com and you will be added to the attendee list so we can more easily account for numbers. You don't have to do this though; feel free to show up on the day!

Note: CUFP Tutorials end at 5:30 PM, and the BoFs follow them after a 30 minute break. Rooms are available till 9:00 PM but we encourage you to wrap up by 8:00 PM and move the discussion to a more social setting.