T7: The Snap Framework for web applications in Haskell

  • Gregory Collins Google
September 23, 2011 2:00 - 5:30 PM


The Snap Framework is a fast and easy to use library for writing web applications in Haskell. This hands-on code lab will guide participants in using Snap to create a simple web application in Haskell from start to finish.


Some familiarity with Haskell is required: If you've read and understand "Learn You a Haskell" and have started in on "Real World Haskell", that's enough.


Before attending, participants should have a copy of the Haskell framework, as per the instructions that come with tutorial T5: Parallel Programming in Haskell.

You will also need the Snap framework, which you can install via this command:

cabal install snap

Moreover, download the tutorial code which will be available by September 11 here - either click the big "Download" button or follow the instructions for cloning the Git repository.

Gregory Collins

is a Canadian software engineer living in Zürich, Switzerland. He works at Google Zürich in the Site Reliability Engineering group.