2011 Call for Participation

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Functional programming languages have been a hot topic of academic research for over 35 years, and they have seen an ever larger practical impact in settings ranging from tech startups to financial firms to biomedical research labs. At the same time, a vigorous community of working programmers employing functional languages has come into existence.

CUFP is designed to serve this community. The annual CUFP workshop is a place where people can see how others are using functional programming to solve real world problems; where practitioners meet and collaborate; where language designers and users can share ideas about the future of their favorite language; and where one can learn practical techniques and approaches for putting functional programming to work.

CUFP 2011 will feature two days of tutorials given by language experts, on the 22nd and 23rd, and a day of talks on the 24th. Attendees may register for any subset of the days.

Day 1, Tutorials (September 22nd)



Day 2, Tutorials (September 23rd)



Day 3, Talks (September 24th)

There will be no published proceedings, as the meeting is intended to be more a discussion forum than a technical interchange, but videos of all the talks will be placed online after the event.

For more information, including presentation abstracts and the most recent schedule information, visit http://cufp.org.

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