Building robust servers with Erlang

  • Martin Logan Orbitz
October 01, 2010 9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


The Building Robust Servers with Erlang tutorial will cover the fundamental concepts needs to write highly fault tolerant servers with Erlang/OTP. In this tutorial you will learn some OTP basics focusing specifically on the gen_server and supervision behaviours. With these behaviours you will build server that is capable of processing requests rapidly and concurrently and recovering in the face of failures large and small. You will ultimately build a fault tolerant server, package it, and deploy it as a running service.


Participants should bring basic Erlang knowledge.

Software prerequisites

The prerequisites for this class are to have Erlang the Sinan build system installed on your machine. If this is not possible for your OS then at least Erlang itself should be installed.

Erlang is available here:

Sinan is available here:

Martin Logan

has been heavily involved with the Erlang community since 1999. Martin's great interest in distributed systems and service based design has led him to be a constant presence in the community having spoken many times all over the world on the topic in places such as Canada, USA, Sweden, and the UK as well as author the definitive book on the Erlang/OTP system with Manning publishing entitled "Erlang and OTP in action". Martin has implemented many complex systems that used Erlang in the telecom space including one of the first call detail record collection systems for the SIP protocol. Most recently Martin has focused on large scale e-commerce backing systems. Currently Martin brings his expertise to Orbitz Worldwide, one of the largest online travel companies in the world. Martin has taken a leadership role with Erlware where he is a core developer and the primary developer of the Faxien package management system.