Building the User Programmable Internet with Erlang

  • Gordon Guthrie
September 04, 2009 3:30 - 4:00 PM


For many people, the programming language of choice is a spreadsheet. This is especially true of people who are not employed as programmers, but write programs for their own use — often defined as “end-user” programmers

A User-Centred Approach to Functions in Excel
(Simon Peyton Jones, Alan Blackwell, Margaret Burnett)

The most popular programming language in the world is a functional one — the humble spreadsheet. The spreadsheet programming paradigm remains tied to the ‘document’ model due to its firm desktop roots.

Hypernumbers are developing a ‘spreadsheet-like’ programming language and platform for the web that will enable non-technical end-users to build dynamic integrated web-applications. The hypernumbers platform is itself implemented in a functional programming language — Erlang.

The platform is currently in private beta testing with selected users and potential customers.