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Our Collection of Functional Programming videos include clips from previous CUFP conferences among other events. If you have and suggest please drop us a line at our contact page.

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F#: Embracing Functional Programming in Visual Studio 2010 by Luke Hoban (Microsoft)

Earlier this year, Microsoft released Visual Studio 2010 with full support for the F# functional programming language. In this talk, we will look at... // More
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Scaling Scala at Twitter by Marius Eriksen (Twitter)

Rockdove is the backend service that powers the geospatial features on and the Twitter API ("Twitter Places"). It provides a datastore... // More
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Cryptol, a DSL for Cryptographic Algorithms by Sally Browning (Galois)

Cryptol is a domain-specific functional language designed by Galois, Inc in collaboration with the the NSA for specifying cryptographic algorithms.... // More
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Naïveté vs. Experience – or, How We Thought We Could Use Scala and Clojure and How We Actually Did

This talk will discuss the use of Scala and Clojure in an ongoing software project, now 2-years old. The talk will start with an anecdote about how... // More
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Functional Language Compiler Experiences at Intel by Neal Glew (Intel)

For five years Intel's Programming Systems Lab (PSL) has been collaborating with an external partner on a new functional programming language... // More
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Functional Programming at Freebase by Warren Harris (Metaweb)

Freebase is a community-built, online database of facts and information, developed by Metaweb Technologies in San Francisco, California [1]. Freebase... // More