Lennart Augustsson


Standard Chartered Bank




Lennart Augustsson is a Swedish computer scientist. He was previously a lecturer at the Computing Science Department at Chalmers University of Technology. His research field is functional programming and implementations of functional languages.

Augustsson has worked for Carlstedt Research and Technology, Sandburst, and Credit Suisse and is currently employed by Standard Chartered Bank.

Augustsson is the author of:

* The Cayenne programming language.
* The HBC Haskell compiler.
* Several hardware device drivers for NetBSD.
* The front end of the pH compiler (parallel Haskell) from MIT.
* The initial version of the Bluespec compiler.

He was intimately involved in early LPMud development, both in the LPMUD driver and the CD mudlib. His MUD community pseudonym is Marvin.

Augustsson has written three winning entries in the International Obfuscated C Code Contest:

* 1985 Most obscure program (1985/august.c)
* 1986 Best complex task done in a complex way (1986/august.c)
* 1996 Best of Show (1996/august.c)