CUFP 2012 Videos now available



CUFP 2012 was a very successful and fun gathering in Copenhagen this year, with impeccable local arrangements (and the best conference lunches ever, by wide acclaim!).

All of the talk videos are now available online for free in our video section, including the keynote by Kresten Thorup from Trifork. This year had an interesting emphasis on biological computing and critical infrastructure from a variety of companies and universities, showing off the impact of functional programming on very important areas of society. Additionally, we welcomed back some old faces from the early days of CUFP to give us updates on the progress of functional programming in established organisations such as Jane Street Capital and Citrix.

Thanks to all the speakers and attendees for making this year such a success, and see you in Boston in 2013!

Michael Sperber and Anil Madhavapeddy