CUFP Talks

Saturday, September 15, 2012 - 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM


Preliminary Program, CUFP Talks


  • Kresten Krab Thorup (CTO, Trifork): Adopting Functional Programming


(schedule and abstracts forthcoming)

  • Yaron Minsky, Jane Street: Jane Street Status Report
  • Romain Slootmaekers, Nicolas Trangez, Ghent IT Valley: Functional Programming @ Ghent IT Valley
  • Stefan Wehr, factis research: Developing Medical Software in Scala and Haskell
  • Matthias Görgens, Citrix: Haskell for XenClient
  • Ashish Agarwal, NYU: Functional Big-Data Genomics
  • Semin Ishtiaq, Microsoft: Using F# to Prove Stabilization of Biological Networks
  • Adam Granicz, IntelliFactory: Developing an F# Bioinformatics Application with HTML5 Visualization
  • Peter Braam, Parallel Scientific: The Awesome Haskell FPGA Compiler
  • Frank McCabe, Starview: From Streams to Functions (and Back Again)
  • Laura M. Castro, University of A Coruña: Transmitting customised ads to set-top boxes with Erlang
  • Sebastian Egner, Entelios: Functional programs connected to the power grid
  • Kevin Lynagh, Keming Labs: Clojure iPad analytics dashboard in energy sector
  • Manuel Maarek, SafeRiver: Development under Security Guidelines