CUFP 2009 Program

9:00 Welcome: Francesco Cesarini and Jim Grundy
Slides, Video.
9:15 Keynote: Real world Haskell.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Abstract, Slides, Video.
10:00 Break
10:30 Scala at EDF Trading. Implementing a Domain-Specific Language for Derivative Pricing with Scala.
Lee Momtahan, EDF Trading
Abstract, Slides, Video.
11:00 Erlang at,
Bhasker Kode,
Abstract, Slides, Video.
11:30 The Big Board: Teleconferencing over High-res Maps with Haskell.
Jefferson Heard, Renaissance Computing Institute
Abstract, Slides, Video.
12:00 Lunch
13:30 The First Substantial Line of Business Application in F#.
Alex Peake, TFC
Adam Granicz, Intellifactory
Abstract, Slides, Video.
14:00 Functional Programming at Facebook.
Christopher Piro and Eugene Letuchy, Facebook
Abstract, Slides Video.
14:30 FMD - Functional development in Excel.
Lee Benfield, Barclays Capital
Abstract, Slides, Video.
15:00 Break
15:30 Building the User Programmable Internet with Erlang.
Gordon Guthrie, hypernumbers
16:00 Clear & Simple: Composing a Marketplace.
Mark Wong-VanHaren, Glyde
Abstract, Slides, Video.
16:30 Birth of the Industrial Haskell Group.
Duncan Coutts, Well-Typed
Abstract, Slides, Video.
17:00 Discussion.
Chaired by John Launchbury, Galois
Slides, Video.

26 June 2009